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Dev stories #1 - Dubbing, voice overs & translations for indie developers

Hi there !
I think this post will be pretty useful for many of you. I read it very often here and there on various forums, facebook or linkedin groups.

" ... I'm looking for localisations ( dubbing, voice over ) for my new game, character. Any recommendations? "

I was too lazy to respond in those threads. Till now. So here is my two cents.


  • suitable for bigger projects
  • wide spectrum of voice actors - also professionals with 10+ years of experiences working on various projects for clients like Disney, Electronic Arts, Pixar...
  • easy project creation with lot of options like language, gender, voice age, the voice direction etc...
  • a bit expensive - your project budget should start at $100 or higher ( you can try to make a deal with the selected talent via private messages, but the users a ussually loyal to the server and also want to make the payment and finishing the project through voices.com portal )
  • very quick responses and relevant inputs
  • payment via voices.com - put money to the escrow ( paypal, credit cards... ) and release them in the moment you are fully satisfied with the sent files
  • free job listing
  • www.voices.com


  • sutiable for smaller projects
  • various talents ( not only voice talents, but also sound designers, music composers, translators ! )
  • you can get very good quality only for $5 !
  • quick responses
  • payments via paypal or bitcoin
  • www.fiverr.com

We at Mr.Fox and friends are very satisfied with both of those services and we hope you will find voice for your next character or game much easier now. 

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Happy coding :)