Dev stories #2 - Dynamic sprite lighting in Unity5 using Sprite DLight

Hi there!
In this video bellow I'll show you how easy is it to create dynamic lighting for your sprites using Unity 5 (beta) standard shader with the amazing new tool called Sprite DLight.

Unity 5 ( beta ) and Sprite DLight

The whole process is really straight forward and using the new standard shader introduced in Unity5 you can prepare everything  in minutes. If you have no time to watch the video, just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Prepare the normal ( depth, occlusion, specular ) maps for your sprite(s) in Sprite DLight.
  2. Import all the rendered maps straight to Unity
  3. Create a new material and drag and drop textures to the corrseponding place exposed by editor
  4. Assign this new material to Sprite Renderer
  5. Create and place light on stage, experiment and have fun

Sprite DLight

A tool providing a new generation of bulky one-click normal maps from 2D sprites like pixel art for dynamic lighting effects in games.

Sprite DLight is a project created by talented developer Dennis Faas.  The project is now live on Kickstarter where you can also find more information and support this great product following the link or video bellow:

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News #10 - Localisations and working on the new game

What's the time Mr.Fox

Hello and welcome - so as usual a new game update brings also new localisations. Now you can enjoy playing What’s The Time Mr.Fox  in German.  Quick tip: you can switch language selection  in the ‘for parents section’ - please see the video below

Next plans for What's the time Mr.Fox is  to localise it to other languages ( French is coming up next ) and of course to port it to Android and Windows platforms.  We will inform you all about the progress on our blog and twitter.

New game - Birds (code name)

We are happy we can let you know that we start working on our new game Birds (It's just a code name as we don't know how we name our game for now) :)

Every week we'll bring you the fresh news, teasers, sketches and behind the scenes exclusives. Below you can enjoy couple of first mock ups.

About the game

With this game we are focusing mainly on the younger players to create a fun and enjoyable playtime experience.

What are we doing

At this stage of development we are working mainly on illustrations style and on little bird movement and game logic. We are really excited to show you the progress. 

Thank you, bye for now.

News#8 - Home page feature and other stories

What's the time Mr.Fox?

Home page feature

We did it! You can spot our little Mr.Fox on the big banners on the App store! You can imagine how big satisfaction and honor it is for our small family studio. We are also thanfkul also for various features in the App store across the countries in both edu and games category.
If your kids are enjoying the game please share your the moments with us, it's one of the main reasons while we are doing the games.

We did it!

We did it!

Next steps

It seems you guys like the game but mainly from big countries we are hearing about localisation. You asked for it and we decide to spent some time and money to make the game better and playable in your language too.
Our plan is localise it to Spanish (coming soon in few days btw.) following with German, French, Swedish and Slovak language. We will release the new languages in the next few updates.

Then packed with all those languages we are going to release the game for the other platforms and stores.


Looks like Fox and Sheep is about to upload the talks videos soon. Meanwhile enjoy this short trailer :)

News #6 - Busy week

Last week we were super busy. We attended the great conference The Kids Want Mobile in Berlin and just couple of hours ago we all together clicked the mouse button and submited our new game to the app store for review. Fingers crossed!!

What's the time Mr.Fox ?

Mr.Fox hits app store in a while!

Mr.Fox hits app store in a while!

Little Mr.Fox is waiting in the line in the app store - for us it's time to do some marketing stuff.
Sure, regarding some articles you can find all around the internet it is probably too late. Yes, we know the theory very well and it sounds so easy and clear. But it was really not possible for us to do it next to creative process and development so hopefully it will be not that late. Greetings to all 1 - 2 people development teams, parents, doing their hard job with love and patience and with vision to deliver the best app possible for the little ones. 

 Anyway, if you want to share our story and games with your blog readers, FB friends or twitter followers just let us know and we can send you promo codes. We would appreciate that!

For parents section.

For parents section.

For parents section - design process

For parents section - design process

Cross promo page

Cross promo page


Yes and meanwhile we did small teasers as well. Enjoy !!

The Kids Want Mobile



We are preparing separate blog post about the conference in next few days so to be short we attach only few pictures...