News #17 - On the farm and Module game introduction

On the farm - memory game for toddlers

If you read our blog you probably noticed some info about our next planed game for kids - farm animals. Now, it's all prepared and our game is waiting for review and we are happy we will be able to bring it to kids in the next few days!

About the game

On the farm is memory matching game in our own Mr.Fox and friends style. 
You can look forward to 14 beautifully illustrated and fully animated animals. If the kid guess the animal pair, he/she will learn what is the name of the animal and how it sounds like. Then tiny animal appears on the tiny farm scene bellow the cards.
Kids can play and learn the animals in 4 difficulties - 4, 8, 12 and 18 cards.

Oh, you just found the cow !

Oh, you just found the cow !

meet the farm animals in our up-coming game

meet the farm animals in our up-coming game

and this is the way we work sometimes :) submitting build for beta testers...

and this is the way we work sometimes :) submitting build for beta testers...

Game Spot presentation 

Last week we had the great opportunity to present our studio on the Game Spot with special guest Brandon Sheffield from 

You can have a look on the presentation bellow.



Above is the first mock ups from one of games we are currently working on - Module.

It's going to be atmospheric sci-fi game balancing between endless runner, puzzle, action and arcade packed in a beautiful low poly world coat.
Because we are in early stage of the creation process we will bring more information and screenshots in the next few weeks and months. 

We've launched also mini site for this game: Module we will update it with stuff like screenshots, dev blog posts, game play videos and more later. If you are fan of this genre, don't forget to subscribe! We are preparing some interesting stuff for the subscribers only :)

If you are wondering why we are posting images and information about games like Module, please read our previous blog post. In short, from the beginning of 2015 our studio works on both kids and casual games for teenagers and adults.