Our story


Awesome news!!! Our first free little app for kids is out! We are so excited! This is almost the best Christmas gift ever! :)
I said almost…because it was last year when we got the best one - our Adam;) It was the best Christmas ever but also the most stressful one in our life. Little Adam was one month old and we wanted to be the most perfect mom/housewife and dad. 

We wanted everything to be perfect. But the problem was that it wasn’t…


As freelancer I had lot of work before I got pregnant and was not able to finish some of them before delivery so also during Christmas time I had to work. I had to sit every spare minute at computer also during nights between breastfeeding, while Alex was shopping baby stuff, food and everything I needed and was taking care of baby when I was sleeping after whole night of drawing…we felt exhausted…when we finally sat at table on Christmas Eve it was 10pm, we had chicken instead of fish, Christmas tree was half-decorated and our home was reaaally messy:D But you know what? We really enjoyed it. Baby was peacefully sleeping next to us and it was for a first time in 8 years we were together that we spent Christmas as a family...


And then our story began:) As a christmas gift, we ordered him Blabla Socks the fox and started to call him Mr.Fox. He loves it from a very first moment and since then he falls asleep with him every night. When Adam was around 9 months old he loved lions and his “peek-a-boo” book so we decided to create a peek-a-boo game for iPad with lion for him. It was very easy to play. There was a lion hiding behind the branch a he could move with it so the lion’s face was visible…and he loved it so much:)) It was awesome to see him laughing. And this is what we really want. Make children happy:)


Now it’s Christmas time again and I feel like that this year flew so fast. Adam is now 1yo doing his first steps and saying first words and we are launching our Mr.Fox and friends project - apps for toddlers and preschoolers. We really hope you will like our apps, illustrations and ideas and that your kids will have lot of fun and will learn something new with our Mr.Fox. Also we would love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to send us email or just say hello on our Facebook page ;) 

Merry Christmas!