News #9 - On the way

Hello, we’re back with really big changes here at Mr.Fox and friends.
After some planning and discussing we decided to move away from Prague, to be closer to our families and friends. We switched both cities and countries, anyone who has moved this way knows what is it all about...
So we are a little bit tired but really happy we are getting slowly back to work.


We are now based in a small city called Nitra - 90km away from the Slovakian capital city Bratislava. Nitra is not such a ‘big rush’ city as Prague, which is really great, but it also brings its own challenges. For example although our apartment is situated in the city center, we still have some issues with internet connection. Yes we didn’t inform ourselves about internet connectivity, because our apartment is in the city center, so who would expect any problems? Well, we forgot how it goes here.

What’s the time Mr.Fox?

In the next two weeks we will do our best to bring French and German localisations in next update. 

Coming up next

Coming up next