News #5 - Photo Story And Interview - Mothers Around Me Project

Photo story and interview 

Here is a delightful photo story by photographer Katta Tubio - part of her 'MAM - Mothers Around Me' project - showcasing our Indie Family App Development team, especially one third of it, illustrator, mum Edita Sliacka.

Photo: Katta Tubbio

What's the time Mr.Fox?

Beta test is done and seems like we are prepared to upload it for review on app store this week. We are also working on short game teaser, making of blog post, marketing stuff and much much more.

Gameplay screenshot

Gameplay screenshot

This week we are attedning TheKidsWantMobile Europe's Kids Mobile Conference in Berlin and we will try to bring you the atmosphere. Check our twitter @mrfoxforkids for pics and more news.