News #16 - PF 2015 and the future of our studio

Dear parents and friends. First of all we want to say big thank you for your big support in the year 2014. It was really though year and we have learned so much during that year.
Thank you !

Future of Mr.Fox and friends

As we wrote it was really hard year and we were thinking about the future of our studio for many many days. To be honest, for a short time, we were thinking about closing our studio ( as couple of kids developers already did, and many are seriously thinking about ).
We changed our minds and decided to stay on the scene, and to bring fresh and even better games for kids. But we know our studio will not survive in the mode it was running during the year 2014. Therefore from the beginning of 2015 Mr.Fox and friends will transform from purely kids games developer to 50% kids game developer and 50% casual game developer for teenagers and adults.
We have some very interesting projects already in the pipeline for both of our branches so stay tuned!

In 2014 we:

2014 revenue diagram

2014 revenue diagram

  • moved from Prague to Nitra ( Slovakia )
  • released What's the time Mr.Fox to the app stores
  • got home page banner and many category features on the Apple app store
  • released Mr.Fox and shapes for iPhones
  • were invited to be part of great Nabi platform
  • were presenting our games in Japan
  • established the company - from 2015 we are no longer sole proprietor
  • launched our newsletter
  • launched our store
  • had great time developing games for kids


In the year 2015 the newsletter will be a very important way how we want to inform you about our activities, important news, giveaways, contests, etc.

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