News #12 - What's the time Mr.Fox on nabi tablets

it's great to share a good news with you again.

nabi tablets

You can do

Besides Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store we have been selected as a trusted developer for a great product called nabi.

nabi products are made specifically for kids. And yet they're good enough for adults. It's the reason why they're high quality. And why they're stylish and at the same time durable. nabi products are fun, engaging, and rewarding. It's an experience.

nabi app store is only running on the device natively - if you buy or have one of the nabi products you can find us easily.



What's the time Mr.Fox?

In the next update there will be Swedish localisation along with some small bug fixes.


Our new game Birds (we wrote about it in News #10) was set to low priority for a while because Edit has been illustrating an elementary school book.

Simple games serie concept

As the Birds game take some time to be completed we decided to bring on app stores a game classic but in a cute and kids friendly Mr.Fox and friends style :) Bellow is the first mockup.