News #10 - Localisations and working on the new game

What's the time Mr.Fox

Hello and welcome - so as usual a new game update brings also new localisations. Now you can enjoy playing What’s The Time Mr.Fox  in German.  Quick tip: you can switch language selection  in the ‘for parents section’ - please see the video below

Next plans for What's the time Mr.Fox is  to localise it to other languages ( French is coming up next ) and of course to port it to Android and Windows platforms.  We will inform you all about the progress on our blog and twitter.

New game - Birds (code name)

We are happy we can let you know that we start working on our new game Birds (It's just a code name as we don't know how we name our game for now) :)

Every week we'll bring you the fresh news, teasers, sketches and behind the scenes exclusives. Below you can enjoy couple of first mock ups.

About the game

With this game we are focusing mainly on the younger players to create a fun and enjoyable playtime experience.

What are we doing

At this stage of development we are working mainly on illustrations style and on little bird movement and game logic. We are really excited to show you the progress. 

Thank you, bye for now.