Dev stories #2 - Dynamic sprite lighting in Unity5 using Sprite DLight

Hi there!
In this video bellow I'll show you how easy is it to create dynamic lighting for your sprites using Unity 5 (beta) standard shader with the amazing new tool called Sprite DLight.

Unity 5 ( beta ) and Sprite DLight

The whole process is really straight forward and using the new standard shader introduced in Unity5 you can prepare everything  in minutes. If you have no time to watch the video, just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Prepare the normal ( depth, occlusion, specular ) maps for your sprite(s) in Sprite DLight.
  2. Import all the rendered maps straight to Unity
  3. Create a new material and drag and drop textures to the corrseponding place exposed by editor
  4. Assign this new material to Sprite Renderer
  5. Create and place light on stage, experiment and have fun

Sprite DLight

A tool providing a new generation of bulky one-click normal maps from 2D sprites like pixel art for dynamic lighting effects in games.

Sprite DLight is a project created by talented developer Dennis Faas.  The project is now live on Kickstarter where you can also find more information and support this great product following the link or video bellow:

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