Dev stories #0 - How can Microsoft help me with porting my game ?

Hey, Alex here.
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In this issue I'll write something that all indies who wish to port their game to the Windows phone store will appreciate. No coding, something much more interesting.

No Money And Still Porting To Windows.
How Can Microsoft Help Me With Porting My Game ?

For porting in general you have to spend money for couple of things.
Windows, Visual Studio, some devices for development and testing, Windows Phone developer account and if you are doing it for the first time maybe some know-how and marketing advices it will be helpful too. If you are just like us, you probably don’t have any of these.
Well, until now.

Did you know Microsoft gives you all of the things above for free?

Yes, thats true. Just register your company ( you have to meet some conditions, but nothing special ) Bellow you can find all the relevant links worth to explore:

My advice is also to find some person behind this program in your country. I'm sure they will be helpful like the people in Microsoft Czech republic.

PS: If you think this article is sponsored by Microsoft you’re wrong. I’m writing about it just because I really like their approach, I find helpful to share this fact with indies out there and because I think Microsoft is not promoting it in the right way and lot of people don't know about this.

If you want to talk about it more, please feel free to use comments bellow.

Happy coding :)