We play - iPad games #1

Adam loves to play iPad games. A lot. Usually we play all together and just for limited time only.  We always let him choose the game and these are his top 5 games of these days. 

1. Nighty Night! 

Well everyone knows this one, right? The most beautiful and most adorable game. Also very simple to play but most entertaining at the same time. Turning lights on and off. Best game for little toddlers ever. The ones in the living room as well :D

2. Sago mini Pet Cafe

Adam loves to feed cute little dog, cat and birdie. He even knows what sound they make when eating and when he plays with his toys sometimes he pretends to be little cat throwing the pancake onto her head. That's so funny!

3. Wee Alphas

He plays with letters all days long. Magnets, made from paper, foam letters, alphabet books again and again and again..all day long. Even when I give him pencils to draw, he draws letters :D We wanted to find him nice app about letters, that is smart but still entertaining. What he likes most about this is the sketchpad to practice drawing letters. So now he knows how to draw some letters already on his own. I also remember how he started to laugh a lot when he saw owl shaking her head and that funny eyes movement.

4. Mr.Fox and shapes

When he is not playing with letters he plays with shapes. So we wanted to create something special about shapes for him. He loves all of the games and characters, especially the ones from the circus scene, boy and house. When house appears during game, he gives kisses to it:)) He has also posters with characters from this game above his bed and last time we were painting he painted cat with circus bear, both from this game. Can tell you that it was really special feeling for us and he really surprised us :D

5. Dr.Panda's Restaurant

One of the first iPad games we downloaded and still very popular in our family. I mean among all of us because some of the tasks are little bit difficult for Adam's little fingers so he use to ask for little assistance to cook scrambled eggs or pour milk into mixer. But his most favourite part is to create fruit fondue. He even like to pretend he is creating some when playing together with his wooden play kitchen. Then he gives it to me and says: "And now give it to panda bear" :D