News #18 - On the farm - memory matching game for toddlers is free to play on the Apple App Store

Today is the day! Our newest game for toddlers On the farm is now live on the Apple App Store and you can get it here.

Android version is coming very soon. If you want, subscribe to our newsletter and you will not going to miss it :) 

This way we want to say also big thank you to our friend Franto, who created great music for this game.

Dear parents

If you like our games, please spread a word, share with your friends, suggest our games to another parents or rate our games on app stores. It's easy and it's really important for us. This is the only way our family studio can survive and keep updating, bringing new localisations and creating new games for kids.

Thank you very much for your support.

21/02/2015 - Updated - Promo codes giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our new game we give away 10 promo codes for our game What's the time Mr.Fox 


When you redeem a code, as a thank you please retweet the tweet bellow. It's important for us. Thank you :)

News #17 - On the farm and Module game introduction

On the farm - memory game for toddlers

If you read our blog you probably noticed some info about our next planed game for kids - farm animals. Now, it's all prepared and our game is waiting for review and we are happy we will be able to bring it to kids in the next few days!

About the game

On the farm is memory matching game in our own Mr.Fox and friends style. 
You can look forward to 14 beautifully illustrated and fully animated animals. If the kid guess the animal pair, he/she will learn what is the name of the animal and how it sounds like. Then tiny animal appears on the tiny farm scene bellow the cards.
Kids can play and learn the animals in 4 difficulties - 4, 8, 12 and 18 cards.

Oh, you just found the cow !

Oh, you just found the cow !

meet the farm animals in our up-coming game

meet the farm animals in our up-coming game

and this is the way we work sometimes :) submitting build for beta testers...

and this is the way we work sometimes :) submitting build for beta testers...

Game Spot presentation 

Last week we had the great opportunity to present our studio on the Game Spot with special guest Brandon Sheffield from 

You can have a look on the presentation bellow.



Above is the first mock ups from one of games we are currently working on - Module.

It's going to be atmospheric sci-fi game balancing between endless runner, puzzle, action and arcade packed in a beautiful low poly world coat.
Because we are in early stage of the creation process we will bring more information and screenshots in the next few weeks and months. 

We've launched also mini site for this game: Module we will update it with stuff like screenshots, dev blog posts, game play videos and more later. If you are fan of this genre, don't forget to subscribe! We are preparing some interesting stuff for the subscribers only :)

If you are wondering why we are posting images and information about games like Module, please read our previous blog post. In short, from the beginning of 2015 our studio works on both kids and casual games for teenagers and adults.

News #16 - PF 2015 and the future of our studio

Dear parents and friends. First of all we want to say big thank you for your big support in the year 2014. It was really though year and we have learned so much during that year.
Thank you !

Future of Mr.Fox and friends

As we wrote it was really hard year and we were thinking about the future of our studio for many many days. To be honest, for a short time, we were thinking about closing our studio ( as couple of kids developers already did, and many are seriously thinking about ).
We changed our minds and decided to stay on the scene, and to bring fresh and even better games for kids. But we know our studio will not survive in the mode it was running during the year 2014. Therefore from the beginning of 2015 Mr.Fox and friends will transform from purely kids games developer to 50% kids game developer and 50% casual game developer for teenagers and adults.
We have some very interesting projects already in the pipeline for both of our branches so stay tuned!

In 2014 we:

2014 revenue diagram

2014 revenue diagram

  • moved from Prague to Nitra ( Slovakia )
  • released What's the time Mr.Fox to the app stores
  • got home page banner and many category features on the Apple app store
  • released Mr.Fox and shapes for iPhones
  • were invited to be part of great Nabi platform
  • were presenting our games in Japan
  • established the company - from 2015 we are no longer sole proprietor
  • launched our newsletter
  • launched our store
  • had great time developing games for kids


In the year 2015 the newsletter will be a very important way how we want to inform you about our activities, important news, giveaways, contests, etc.

If you are our fan, please use the form below and sign up to the newsletter.
Don't worry, we will not spam you every day :)

News #15 - What's the time Mr.Fox new localisations

What's the time Mr.Fox - now in French and Swedish

The 3rd update of What's the time Mr.Fox brings the French and Swedish localisation as well some minor bug fixes and improvements.
The update is currently available on the Apple App store. Updated version is coming to Google play, Amazon and Nabi tablets till the end of the December.

Thank you for your support :)

Dev stories #2 - Dynamic sprite lighting in Unity5 using Sprite DLight

Hi there!
In this video bellow I'll show you how easy is it to create dynamic lighting for your sprites using Unity 5 (beta) standard shader with the amazing new tool called Sprite DLight.

Unity 5 ( beta ) and Sprite DLight

The whole process is really straight forward and using the new standard shader introduced in Unity5 you can prepare everything  in minutes. If you have no time to watch the video, just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Prepare the normal ( depth, occlusion, specular ) maps for your sprite(s) in Sprite DLight.
  2. Import all the rendered maps straight to Unity
  3. Create a new material and drag and drop textures to the corrseponding place exposed by editor
  4. Assign this new material to Sprite Renderer
  5. Create and place light on stage, experiment and have fun

Sprite DLight

A tool providing a new generation of bulky one-click normal maps from 2D sprites like pixel art for dynamic lighting effects in games.

Sprite DLight is a project created by talented developer Dennis Faas.  The project is now live on Kickstarter where you can also find more information and support this great product following the link or video bellow:

Happy coding. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter :)

Dev stories #1 - Dubbing, voice overs & translations for indie developers

Hi there !
I think this post will be pretty useful for many of you. I read it very often here and there on various forums, facebook or linkedin groups.

" ... I'm looking for localisations ( dubbing, voice over ) for my new game, character. Any recommendations? "

I was too lazy to respond in those threads. Till now. So here is my two cents.


  • suitable for bigger projects
  • wide spectrum of voice actors - also professionals with 10+ years of experiences working on various projects for clients like Disney, Electronic Arts, Pixar...
  • easy project creation with lot of options like language, gender, voice age, the voice direction etc...
  • a bit expensive - your project budget should start at $100 or higher ( you can try to make a deal with the selected talent via private messages, but the users a ussually loyal to the server and also want to make the payment and finishing the project through portal )
  • very quick responses and relevant inputs
  • payment via - put money to the escrow ( paypal, credit cards... ) and release them in the moment you are fully satisfied with the sent files
  • free job listing


  • sutiable for smaller projects
  • various talents ( not only voice talents, but also sound designers, music composers, translators ! )
  • you can get very good quality only for $5 !
  • quick responses
  • payments via paypal or bitcoin

We at Mr.Fox and friends are very satisfied with both of those services and we hope you will find voice for your next character or game much easier now. 

If you find this useful please share this blog post with your friends and subscribe to our newsletter for more news from our family studio. Thank you.

Happy coding :)

News #14 - Introducing new App Bundle Mr.Fox for toddlers, Android sales and our plans for 2014

App budles

As you probably noticed - the new iOS8 is here. Besides lot of great features it brings great way how developers can market their games and get bigger sales - App Bundles.
We created app bundle named Mr.Fox for toddlers where you can find What's the time Mr.Fox and Mr.Fox and Shapes HD for a much better price. If you are new to our games, this is a great way how to get both games for toddlers and save some money. And if you already have bought one of the games, you can use complete the bundle feature and get the second one for a better price. 

Mr.Fox for toddlers - App Bundle
Learn concept of time and daily routines together with cute Mr.Fox. Explore space, meet the lion, build the ship, sail the sea, learn the shapes and colors. This is the perfect games bundle suitable for your toddler ( 2 + ). Our small family studio is proud member of Moms With Apps Know what's inside and all our games are certified with kidSAFE. Enjoy :)

Learn shapes and daily routines - that's the new Mr.Fox for toddlers bundle

Learn shapes and daily routines - that's the new Mr.Fox for toddlers bundle

Google Play, Amazon and Nabi tablet sale

This week we launched also the sale campaign on the selected android stores: Google Play, Amazon Apps and on Nabi tablets. Please share with your friends and family if you can, we will be really thankful for this. 

Our plans till the end of the year 2014

Stay tuned and keep fingers crossed :) And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

News #13 - Mr.Fox and friends on Digital Children's Book Fair in Japan

Digital Children's Book Fair 2014

Japanese kids playing What's the time Mr.Fox on the exhibition Photo: Digital Children's Book Fair

Japanese kids playing What's the time Mr.Fox on the exhibition
Photo: Digital Children's Book Fair

We are really happy we had the oportunity to present our games on a Digital Children's Book fair in Japan. They proudly welcomed about 60.000 visitors and were presenting 250 apps from 40 countries which are really impressive numbers. Enjoy the picture report in a gallery bellow.

If you missed this event don't be sad and make sure you don't miss the next one because there will be another great exhibition in Tokyo taking place from October 8th to October 13th. Follow this link for more information:

Memory games collection - Farm animals

Remember the last post where we mentioned the new game? The game prototype is on 95% ready and now we are now drawing new animals and working on the animations.

The first game from this simle games serie will be about farm animals, do you like them?

Charecter design

Charecter design

Game prototype

Game prototype

The animation process

The animation process

Card creating and UV mapping in Blender

Card creating and UV mapping in Blender


At last, but not least we would write about our newsletter. Did you know we have opportunity to subscribe to our newsletter? Probably not. It's not visible well on our page so till we make a better design and make better place for it we decided to include this simple form to the end of  blog posts. 

All for now, and don't forget to subscribe :)

News #12 - What's the time Mr.Fox on nabi tablets

it's great to share a good news with you again.

nabi tablets

You can do

Besides Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store we have been selected as a trusted developer for a great product called nabi.

nabi products are made specifically for kids. And yet they're good enough for adults. It's the reason why they're high quality. And why they're stylish and at the same time durable. nabi products are fun, engaging, and rewarding. It's an experience.

nabi app store is only running on the device natively - if you buy or have one of the nabi products you can find us easily.



What's the time Mr.Fox?

In the next update there will be Swedish localisation along with some small bug fixes.


Our new game Birds (we wrote about it in News #10) was set to low priority for a while because Edit has been illustrating an elementary school book.

Simple games serie concept

As the Birds game take some time to be completed we decided to bring on app stores a game classic but in a cute and kids friendly Mr.Fox and friends style :) Bellow is the first mockup.

News #11 - What's the time Mr.Fox available on Google Play and Amazon App Store

Dear Android users,
the waiting is over and we are happy to tell you that you can now download our most popular game What's the time Mr.Fox? on your Android powered phones and tablets.
And from now, all our up-coming games will be automatically ported to Android too.

Share with your friends, enjoy with your kids!

We did it! Now available on Google Play and Amazon App Store

We did it! Now available on Google Play and Amazon App Store

News #10 - Localisations and working on the new game

What's the time Mr.Fox

Hello and welcome - so as usual a new game update brings also new localisations. Now you can enjoy playing What’s The Time Mr.Fox  in German.  Quick tip: you can switch language selection  in the ‘for parents section’ - please see the video below

Next plans for What's the time Mr.Fox is  to localise it to other languages ( French is coming up next ) and of course to port it to Android and Windows platforms.  We will inform you all about the progress on our blog and twitter.

New game - Birds (code name)

We are happy we can let you know that we start working on our new game Birds (It's just a code name as we don't know how we name our game for now) :)

Every week we'll bring you the fresh news, teasers, sketches and behind the scenes exclusives. Below you can enjoy couple of first mock ups.

About the game

With this game we are focusing mainly on the younger players to create a fun and enjoyable playtime experience.

What are we doing

At this stage of development we are working mainly on illustrations style and on little bird movement and game logic. We are really excited to show you the progress. 

Thank you, bye for now.

News #9 - On the way

Hello, we’re back with really big changes here at Mr.Fox and friends.
After some planning and discussing we decided to move away from Prague, to be closer to our families and friends. We switched both cities and countries, anyone who has moved this way knows what is it all about...
So we are a little bit tired but really happy we are getting slowly back to work.


We are now based in a small city called Nitra - 90km away from the Slovakian capital city Bratislava. Nitra is not such a ‘big rush’ city as Prague, which is really great, but it also brings its own challenges. For example although our apartment is situated in the city center, we still have some issues with internet connection. Yes we didn’t inform ourselves about internet connectivity, because our apartment is in the city center, so who would expect any problems? Well, we forgot how it goes here.

What’s the time Mr.Fox?

In the next two weeks we will do our best to bring French and German localisations in next update. 

Coming up next

Coming up next

BIG promo codes giveaway

Free promocodes!


UPDATE: Wow, that was really quick. Enjoy the game ! :)

Expiring in 1 hr:


Expiring in 8 hrs:


News#8 - Home page feature and other stories

What's the time Mr.Fox?

Home page feature

We did it! You can spot our little Mr.Fox on the big banners on the App store! You can imagine how big satisfaction and honor it is for our small family studio. We are also thanfkul also for various features in the App store across the countries in both edu and games category.
If your kids are enjoying the game please share your the moments with us, it's one of the main reasons while we are doing the games.

We did it!

We did it!

Next steps

It seems you guys like the game but mainly from big countries we are hearing about localisation. You asked for it and we decide to spent some time and money to make the game better and playable in your language too.
Our plan is localise it to Spanish (coming soon in few days btw.) following with German, French, Swedish and Slovak language. We will release the new languages in the next few updates.

Then packed with all those languages we are going to release the game for the other platforms and stores.


Looks like Fox and Sheep is about to upload the talks videos soon. Meanwhile enjoy this short trailer :)

How we made What’s The Time Mr.Fox?

Our new game helping young toddlers explore concept of time and daily routines What's the time Mr.Fox? is on app store for a week now and to celebrate this we decided to share some behind the scenes with you.

How we did it

Everything starts with an idea. In our case it was relatively easy as we always try to develop our new game to the needs of our son, Adam. (Why? Read our story)
Immediately we had an idea. We started to sketch out both on paper and iPad. While pen & paper is great for quick sketches, on iPad we can see in an instant how it will looks in 1:1. Which is really helpful.

In the beginning the concept and game-play was not very clear and it was a little bit complicated. We always try to focus on the only problem the game is all about. In this game we could have also included aspects of linear time concepts over periods of weeks, months and years. We could have also made puzzles and included ‘mini games’ - but this was not our goal. Our goal was to introduce the abstract notion of time so children could develop understand of daily routines.

First sketch vs Final

First sketch vs Final

As soon as we had a clear idea, we started to code a playable prototype. No animations, no sounds, only rough image placeholders and sketches. If everything is working well and we are satisfied with the game-play mechanisms, game length, we the start to develop "the Game".

What about you?

What about you?

We are wearing various hats, we are able to do everything except of music, sound effects and dubbing. On this part of project we outsource talents. Although we are not doing the sounds and music, we find it very hard to describe the sounds you have in your mind so it's not that easy to find some music and SFX references.

After couple of weeks when the game is playable we launch closed and then open beta test where we are looking for all types of issues (logical problems, if game is not crashing, sound issues, animations problems, etc.). If everything looks stable and nice, we launch the game. 

How much time

Everybody loves diagrams, right? Here is one showing how much time we spent on each part of the game creation process.

Time tracking summary for What's the time Mr.Fox game

Time tracking summary for What's the time Mr.Fox game

We wish we could work on the game for 16 hrs a day together. In fact it's less than 8 hrs / day.

We are trying to split the day so I'm working in the morning while Edit is playing with our son Adam, preparing some food and doing whatever is needed at home. Then we switch in the afternoon. With this system we are able to complete the game in the time period you see bellow and enjoy both work and family quality time.


We wrote and sent promo codes to several email addresses. It seems like you really have to use all 100 promo codes to get at least small feedback. For promoting and writing we have booked one week and it looks like for our next game we will take at least 10 days. We use promo codes mainly to ask for review and giveaways.

Launch day was a little bit hectic, because we are moving from Prague nowadays and we were without internet connection in the middle of mountains on that day. So we had to go to the nearest city, took some coffee and made a huge scheduling of tweets and facebook posts.

Launch week on Apple AppStore -What's the time Mr.Fox? vs. Mr.Fox and shapes HD

Launch week on Apple AppStore -What's the time Mr.Fox? vs. Mr.Fox and shapes HD

UPDATE: What's the time Mr.Fox got home page feature after couple of days!

UPDATE: What's the time Mr.Fox got home page feature after couple of days!

What we use

Speaking of tools we are pretty conservative and we are trying to use as few tools as possible. Here’s a list of what we used to produce What’s The Time Mr.Fox?



  • Clockodo for time tracking
  • Trello for project management, bugs tracking, to-do lists
  • Buffer app - definitely saves our launch day

Illustrations and graphics



We hope you have enjoyed the article and you now see a little better how much effort and knowledge is needed for two people, parents like us, to develop and promote a game. This is why it's not possible to make games for free. As much as we would like to.

If you want to support us on our journey, please don't wait for our game to be free. Every purchase makes more and more possible for us to develop next games. Also sharing with your friends, family and your positive comments on app store are more than appreciated and we are thankful for everyone.

Thank you for reading :)

News #7 - Launch week for What's the time Mr.Fox?

4, 3, 2, 1 - GO. 5th June on your iPhone or iPad

4, 3, 2, 1 - GO. 5th June on your iPhone or iPad

We are really excited because this week on thursday 5th June we are going to lauch our new game therefore all our effort is focusing now on promotion. Yes and on moving too, but it's another story...

What's the time Mr.Fox ?

Well, what to write here. Everyone who once created and launched a game or an app knows that feeling very well. We are so curious. Not about numbers itself, but about kids reactions - will they like our game as much as our son does? We will see soon.

In case you want to help us share the game with the world plase let us know. We would be very thankfull for all tweets, blog posts, facebook posts, photos.  
We can provide some promo codes in case you want to make small review for us too.

And don't forget to keep an eye on our social networks we have prepared some free goodies, toys and other nice stuff for you.

Wish us luck :)

New freebies for download - coloring sheets

Yesterday was the International Children's Day - here is our little present for all little artists :)

Coloring sheets for download

Coloring sheets for download